Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis Marathon & Half Marathon

                        St. Louis, Missouri

                          October 23, 2011


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Group photo  

Front row (left to right):  Darci Brown, Rodney Wright, Debi White, Pete Leyva and Anita Leyva
Second row:  Paul Schaefer, Rona Schaefer, Todd Raney, Natalie Pasley and Todd Pasley
Third row: Chad Brauer, Nikki Brauer and Jackie Schulte
Fourth row:  Terry Atteberry, Daphne Shockley, Shelly Herst and Stacy Turner
Top row:  Jeff Ballenger and Chris Jerram

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Start   Race start area, looking east on Market Street.  The the lone wheelchair athlete racing today is in the foreground.

Bikes   Lead runner escorts

Corral 2   Runners in Corral #2 getting ready to start

Sea of Humanity  A sea of humanity.  St. Louis City Hall (reddish roof) is in the background.

Washington Ave  Near the 2-mile mark, on Washington Avenue

Half finish  Crossing the half marathon finish line

Half mile to go   Running along Union Station (to the runners' left) on Truman Parkway, one-half mile from the finish line

Photo 4   Laura Davis

Rona  Rona Schaefer

Anita  Anita Leyva

Waldo  Easy to find in a crowd of 21,000 runners, as were the runners in a tiger outfit and a banana costume.

Medal  Half marathon finisher's medal

Melissa & Laura   Melissa Bell (left) and Laura Davis.  (Thanks to Melissa for providing the photo.)

Winners  Marathon champions, to the announcer's immediate left and right, wearing some pretty strange-looking crowns.

Little Ray  Post-race featured performer, Sugar Ray



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